Saturday, July 24, 2010

deciding on the veggie diet

VEGETARIAN? What's all the talk?

The beginning of June is when Boo and I jumped on the train to being vegetarian. We've always talked a lot about food (and we love to cook!), and also about the costs of food on our bodies and the environment. After watching an environmental flick one evening, we decided we wanted to see what being vegetarian is like. We vowed not to eat meat for one month after we had cooked up the rest of our meat in the freezer and cabinets.

Then I began to really think about meat. I thought about what I would miss about it. I didn't eat meat a lot of meat anyway since I really don't like to cook it that much. I usually only ate it when I was at a restaraunt where the pros would cook it, or if someone was having it at their house. Also, I would usually eat vegetarian when I was with my mom since she has been one for a few years.

I decided I wouldn't miss it that much in general, but I would miss specific dishes, like...Brad's spaghetti and meatballs, pad thai with pork, pork spring rolls, bacon, sausage, chicken & dumplings....

On the other hand, I do often enjoy vegetarian dishes more than meat based ones, and often I'm getting seconds on the side dishes rather than more meat.


"Why don't I just go for it and see what it's like. It can't hurt"

I was still skeptical, but Boo encouraged that we go 'pescatarian' for a month, after we cooked up everything in our freezer and pantry.

We are finding the experience to be kind of fun. It's hard to go to restaurants and see all the meat based entrees that look so wonderful, but we usually go for something seafood or the limited veggie menu. We are finding the vegetarian still has to be careful though, because vegetables are often cooked with meat seasonings, especially here in the south.

One surprise is how good the Morning Star garden burgers are, and a disappointment were the soy dogs! YUK!

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