About Katrina

Hi everyone! I'm Katrina and currently live in Lexington, KY, my hometown. My current (and night) job is being a student at the University of Kentucky. I am a student of Music in the College of Fine Arts and Landscape Architecture. I began as a performance major on oboe in 2004, but decided to continue my music degree and also begin landscape architecture. I am finally in my last year of school (7 years!) and am very excited to now count down the days until graduation. I also work at the Lexington Arboretum taking care of the plants and grounds.

When I'm not worrying about school or work, I have an array of hobbies I enjoy. I really like crafting things, and especially sewing. I also enjoy spending my time around flea markets and garage sales. I love finding neat things for a bargain and seeing what crazy things are out there, but I also enjoy just driving around town and interacting with strangers. I've observed some of the strangest things. I assume if my two degrees fail, I can always open up a sewing/vintage boutique. I have an Etsy shop, which mostly holds vintage finds which I have no room for! I also enjoy photography and enjoy learning new ways to take good photos.

As far as more scholarly hobbies, I hold interests in mid-century modernism, design, creative thinking, gardening, sustainability, music history, music performance, and the art of living. I also enjoy traveling in the great outdoors and to urban centers.

I also enjoy spending time with my family in Kentucky and with Brad when we are both able to. I also love my pets (2 dogs, 3 cats!) who are Heidi the Coonhound, Greenlee the Chihuahua/Beagle, Josie the cat, Rose the cat, and Esme the cat, and my dad's dog, Roxie.

My short term goals are graduation, and getting into graduate school. I'm not sure where I will go with my studies in graduate school, but I have interests in creative thinking and design, sound environments, the community, and green design. My long term goals are to teach, renovate my future home and garden, go traveling in an Airstream, perform in an ensemble, and to take my hobbies a step further in some form and fashion.