Sunday, April 10, 2011

EH Garden: Lettuce & Carrots

A New Section of Lettuce and Carrots

Another day in the garden planting lettuce (romaine and green salad varieties) and carrots. I tilled up another area like last week. I threw down some compost, turned over the soil with a shovel to mix, took a hoe to the larger clumps, raked the soil to make it even more fine and, finally, planted a row of carrots and a square area of lettuce. We have been planting the seeds closer than usual to maximize production and leave little room for weeds. Hopefully that plan will work out.

Some Volunteer Plants from Last Year

A bit of a surprise lingered this morning when I showed up. A few stalks of rhubarb were greeting me. It appears that last year's owners of this plot had quite the selection of plants. We have some raspberries, strawberries, volunteer onions, and now, rhubarb all coming in on their own. Albeit, these plants aren't in the right spot, but we'll just have to plant around them.

The Plot Continues to Grow

Tomorrow, some more of the LA grads will continue our plantings by placing some potatoes in our little structure to the rear of our plot. It seems that this box has some sand in it and would make for some good soil to grow potatoes in. I am also considering attaching a wire trellis to it so that I can grow some pickling cucumbers on. We'll just have to see how everything continues to fall together over the next few weeks.

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