About Boo

I am Bradley or 'Boo' for short... don't ask, its quite a story. 

I am a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  I am currently getting a master's degree in landscape architecture focusing on the community design aspect of the profession.  I also teach two studio courses in the Department of Landscape Architecture and could not ask for a better job.  Not only do I get grad school paid for, but I have also found that I love teaching and could have possibly found my life's calling. 

As part of my research I am acting as a Community Outreach Coordinator or simply the 'Community Guy' for the Nelson Institute's Water Resource Management practicum this year.  The practicum is studying Lake Marion in Mazomanie, WI and will be completing a report for the community.  We have been engaging the community for about six months and I have learned a lot from the experience. The practicum has a website where you can find more info about us and the project.  Throughout the experience, I have found that I enjoy this type of participatory design and hope to continue this in my professional practice once I have graduated.

I am also editing and designing content for the Participatory Photo Mapping website.  I am learning to work with software to edit html and also learning about Sam Dennis' work, who also happens to be my advisor for my research into public participation.

I am interested in lots of things. I am obsessed with music and the guitar and I practice whenever I have the chance. I love doing anything outdoors – hiking, canoeing, biking, horseback riding, playing soccer, urban exploring, etc. I spend most of my day in the new ‘boobicle’ (Boo’s cubicle) in Ag Hall on UW's campus. When I am not doing anything work or school related, I try to spend time with friends and family (especially going home to see Katrina and my family in KY), listening to any new music, watching thought provoking movies, photographing landscapes and people, cooking, reading, and playing the occasional video game (I am a huge fan of the classics – NES, SNES, N-64, etc…). As simple as it may be, I usually stay pretty busy at what I do.

Please send any correspondence to my gmail account at btvowels@gmail.com