Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fish Tacos

Brad first introduced me to fish tacos while we went camping at the Red River Gorge with Stoss and Jenna. At first I was really skeptical; especially with the tuna. However, the fish tacos turned out really good, even though they only consisted of flour tortillas, tuna, cheese, and chi chi's salsa. I can't remember the next time I had fish tacos, but ever since then I've been a follower and they've become one of Brad's and my favorite dishes.

We recently had some pretty awesome fish tacos when we visited Chase in Atlanta. They both had the 'pink taco' which was a pink flour tortilla with salmon and pink cabbage. I had a basic cod fish taco, which was great also. Last week we saw that Chase had  his hand at some homemade fish tacos, and they looked great. So Brad and I wanted to join in on the fun too and make this dish, which we've for some reason never made before!

Each of us made different types of fish tacos. I used shrimp instead of the more common, but just as great, white fish. You really can't go wrong with any fish taco, and you can make them anyway you want to. I shredded some mixed greens on a flour tortilla, added some chopped tomato and red onion, sliced avocado, the cooked shrimp (I got pre-cooked kind, then sauteed it some in butter), and then topped it off with lime juice. It was great! They tasted really fresh. Next time I'd like to make some spicier salsa.

Being a lover of the typical fish taco, I opted for a cod variation of a recipe found at Tiny Urban Kitchen's Blog. It was a wonderful treat and a bit of a break from the cold Wisconsin climate. I even made the home made Pico de Gallo, the creamy chili sauce and sliced up some avocado to go with it! I must say that this was an incredible dish. Everything goes well together and there are lots of leftover goodies to use throughout the week.

Much like the Tiny Urban Kitchen, I have little room to spare. Besides that, it is the depth of winter here which makes grilling outside a nightmare. So I had to use my trusty George Foreman grill on this one. Yes, that is a Corona next to it and, I must admit, a light beer goes well with this light dish!

The finished result was a heaping mess of a taco, but it was REALLY good. This has definitely made it onto my permanent roster of dishes and I will continue to perfect it and try various kinds of fish.


  1. These do look scrumdidliuptious! Looks like you both did an excellent job. My fish tacos had a little Mediterranean attitude. For the base I used an exciting little recipe for BBQ slaw out of one of my cooky cook books, which consists of 11oz cabbage slaw mix, 1/3 cup slaw sauce, 1/3 cup BBQ sauce(Sweet Baby Rays was my choice). From there I baked up my fish, one salmon and one snapper. In the Mediterranean spirit, I diced up some kalamata olives and readied the Feta cheese. Then some thinly sliced cucumbers and avocado. Top it off with some italian seasoning and wrap it up in a wheat tortilla, and OH Yeah!

  2. Salmon and BBG sounds good! I wouldn't have thought of that combo, but it sounds great!