Friday, October 8, 2010

A Squashy Dinner

On Monday Brad and I went all fall for our dinner. Brad hadn't ever had butternut squash, so I told him to get one while he was at the Dane Co. Farmer's market, and he brought it with him here to Lexington. We followed this recipe from My Kitchen Addiction. We didn't take the time to puree the soup in a blender though, cause that gets messy, so we just simmered it until we thought everything was soft enough to mash. We had plenty of beta carotene this evening.

Brad brought me these great fall colored flowers!

The butternut squash soup simmering away

Meanwhile, we separated the butternut squash seeds from the pulp and coated them with a little olive oil and put them on 300 degrees for about 10 minutes. Then we sprinkled them with some course salt. They are sooo good! and smell and taste almost like popcorn.

This soup is really filling, and healthy too! (If you want you can garnish this soup with some fresh herbs and parmesean cheese!)

Over the years, I have come to appreciate homemade pies more and more. I have actually begun to attempt a few renditions. The following pie is straight from the can of pumpkin at the Co-Op in Lexington... I strongly recommend this store or any Co-Op if you haven't been to one! Anyway, growing up, none of my family were huge fans of pumpkin (except for my mothers dad). This means that no one ever bothered to cook the real thing and most were store bought! With that being said, we decided to attempt this recipe as a primer for the real thing around Halloween...

While the soup was cooking I made a pie crust from scratch and Brad made up some pumpkin pie filling. This recipe off the can uses condensed milk, which was different than I've had before. The pie was really good and is so much better than what you buy ready made! I really like the graphics on the can too, and I really like my skeleton oven mitt I got when I was at Madison!

Homemade pumpkin pie (the canned pumpkin puree isn't homemade, but that'll come soon)

I should note that we used the dough recipe from the Apple Pie recipe posted a few days before this one. We halved the recipe to account for not having the pie crust top and still had some left over. We added a decorative pumpkin and leave to the top. If you do the decoration, add it to the top about half way through the baking process. If the pie isn't firm enough, the dough will just sink!

Being the pumpkin pie buff, I had to add some whipped cream for garnish. Albeit, I actually cut back on what I usually put on the pie.

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