Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Quilt Is Done!

The quilt is finally done! I started it in late July and it is now done in mid November, with a total of 44 hours. The break down below...

Quilt Time

2 hours picking out fabric 
2 hr washing
1 hr ironing
6 hours cutting out squares
1 hr chain stitching white squares
1 hour chain stitching black squares
2 hours ironing
3 hours stitching blocks
2 hours ironing
4 hours trimming down the squares
2 hr planning the pattern
5 hours piecing the squares
1 hour shopping for the backing fabric & batting
3 hours laying and pinning the "sandwich"
2 hours binding the edge
7 tying the quilt together

44 hours

I picked out the pattern from this book Quilting For Peace by Katherine Bell, which I checked out from the library. This book has also begun many sewing groups around the nation who are making quilts and sewing to donate. You can check out the campaign here. I strayed from the pattern a bit since I picked out fabrics that was already in my stash. I didn't have the right amount of fabrics for each pattern needed, so I had to mix it up a bit. 

This is the pattern I chose for this quilt

First I had cut out 168 white 4" squares, then 168 black ones, then 336 squares in various colors and patterns, which makes 672 total squares! 

Then I had to match up the black and white squares with the patterned ones, and sew those together to make a 4 square block.  This is chain stitching, where you just keep sewing the pieces together and don't stop to snip the threads in-between pieces until the very end.

Then I had to trim all of those down to a 7" square. 

Then I sewed all those together in rows, and more rows, and into more rows! 

Then the quilt top was done, and I had to layer the backing, the batting, and the quilt to make a sandwich. 

Then I pinned all those together, binded the edges, and then quilted it together by tying embroidery thread at the corners of each block.

If you decide to ever make a quilt, make sure you have a purpose! It can be a tedious, mathematical, costly, and time consuming project! But the end results make it all worth it.

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