Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wisconsin Tour: Old World Wisconsin

Day Two Itinerary (08.18.10):
Old World Wisconsin
All you can eat seafood buffet at OYSY Sushi & Seafood Buffet
Movie at Home: 'North by Northwest'

The first of our day trips was to Old World Wisconsin in Eagle, WI. A few months earlier, a tornado (a tornado in WI!?) swept right through this place and pretty much destroyed their parking lot and lots of trees. However, it completely missed any of the houses! amazing...

Old World WI is pretty much a museum of Wisconsin buildings. They were actually all taken from around the state, and brought here, where they were rebuilt or settled down into a realistic setting. It is actually a pretty big place and they have done so to keep each building its own separate settlement. It is such a neat place and maintained really well (and isn't one of those corny attractions!) It kind of reminded me a little of Shakertown back in Lexington.

Old World even raises their own farm animals and makes food from their products, and does crafts just like the real settlers did back in the day. It's really on its own really functional.

I had actually heard about Old World Wisconsin from several people in the UW-Madison Department of Landscape Architecture. Janet Gilmore, Arnie Alanen, and William Tischler have all made great comments about the place, so I told Katrina that we had to go. The place is a great showcase of later immigrant culture of Wisconsin. It shows various time periods and a variety of cultures.

We finally took the tram that was offered after walking through the wooded areas (around a pond). We were attacked by hundreds of mosquitoes!

This is an old school house in Strawberry, where we were in the Apostle Islands!

The craftsmanship of the homes and some of the barns was very interesting! It was hard to imagine that most of this stuff was cataloged, disassembled, and rebuilt piece by piece in place at Old World Wisconsin.

We even tried some of the games they had in the schoolhouse building

This was one of the first churches in Milwaukee

This was a really fun day trip toward the end of our journey around WI. However, this was an amazing place. If you are a huge fan of history and culture, you will really enjoy visiting Old World Wisconsin.

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